Updating anything about your home should include careful planning and consideration. The garden is a prominent feature of your home that not only functions as a place to relax, but is also one of the first impressions that visitors get when they arrive at your home. TDS Paving provide some of the best professional garden design services available in the U.K.

Our quality garden designs are creative and are tailored specifically for your needs. We will create eye-catching features, that will transform your garden space from a square of lawn and earth to a lovely outdoor area complete with geometric accents, beautiful plants, and your choice of paving material. Block paving gives the look of cobblestones or interlocking brickwork, while natural stone paving offers a more unique design with subtle color variations. For a rugged and attractive surface, consider the many possibilities of Pattern Imprinted Concrete.

Rather than settle for bland garden designs, take the time to compare different features and options. Choose the layout that works best for your needs while bringing maximum beauty to the exterior of your home. If both home and drive already have a classic feel, simplicity may be key. Subtle colors and stonework create natural outdoor accents, while circular paving designs complement the modern home. You may even wish to consider including a small driveway area to truly beautify your property.

Seeing your bespoke design laid out on paper or on your computer screen before committing to anything lets you decide what, if any, changes need to be made and give you inspiration for further garden improvements. No matter what layout you choose, having garden designs from our professionals offers both quality assurance and peace of mind, giving you a garden that will serve your needs for a long time to come. To find out more about our garden design service, contact TDS Paving today.

Garden Design Services

Garden Design Middlesex

We are happy to provide Full Scale Design Drawings for any garden or driveway paving project you may be planning.

Site Visit & Survey – we will meet with you at a mutually convenient time to discuss your initial ideas.

Full Scale Drawing – at this visit a Full Scale Drawing will be completed from which we are able to put down on paper some basic driveway design or garden design ideas and layouts thoughts.

Estimate of costs – at the same time we will be able to provide a brief outline of costs which if too high specifications can be tailored to meet most budgets.

Full Scale Design Drawings – if you are happy with our initial design ideas and costs and wish to use TDS paving to carry out the agreed works we will then provide a CAD Drawing for your approval prior to works commencing.