Paving Services in Reigate

The majority of driveways in the UK are laid using two of the cheapest materials available; asphalt and concrete, with asphalt being the cheaper of the two by up to 40%. Unfortunately it doesn’t always meet with our tastes and can make a driveway look a little dull even if they are durable and easy to lay. Here are a few benefits to block paving over other materials:

Block paving gives you a wide range of potential driveway styles and is available in many colours and sizes.

Block paved driveways are far more attractive than the usual ashphalt/tarmac ones.

If you choose the basic rectangular block sizes and colours, it can be an inexpensive choice.

Block paving tends to be very uniform as it is manufactured and cut accurately to size.

Blocks can be lifted and replaced if they become damaged.

You can find costs are between £50 to £100 per square metre, depending on your choice with edging, drainage and steps adding to this figure.

In summary, we think that your driveway can be completely transformed. We are a leading paving services company operating in Reigate, Staines as well as Windsor, Dorking, Richmond, Weybridge, Cobham, Esher, Twickenham, London, Ascot and Ashford. If you would like to find out more about block paving services and installation then get a free quote from the team today on 0500 111 051.