Gravel has a unique character all its own but can be difficult to maintain, especially in changing weather conditions. Resin bonded aggregate gives you the look of gravel without the headaches and is an easy way to transform your existing driveway into something stylish and attractive.

Resin bonded aggregate is available in a wide variety of colours and textures. Neutral colours both light and dark add subtle beauty to your driveway area, while multicolour aggregates bring personality to patios and paths. Stone size may be relatively uniform for a smooth appearance or varied for a more natural look. Choose from a variety of stone types suitable for many home styles.

One of two methods may be used to apply and bind your chosen style of aggregate. Resin bonded aggregate is laid by first applying an epoxy resin, then adding the aggregate before applying a final layer of seal coating. Resin bound aggregate finishes involve mixing resin and aggregate together before application. Each is suitable for different areas of the out door space and most applications may be put to use shortly after installation.

Using resin bonded aggregate to create paths in your courtyard or garden gives eye-catching results. Turn basic concrete or bland paving into a whimsical surface that enhances the look of your outdoor area. The many colour and material options allow you to pick just the right combination to make your garden a lovely and relaxing place to spend time, while ensuring that your paths stand up to both weather and foot traffic.

Other areas such as the surface around a pool can be enhanced with resin bonded aggregate. These places are often used for entertaining and may see a lot of use in warm-weather months. The benefits of resin bonded aggregate ensure the lasting beauty here and anywhere else you choose to use it.

Resin Driveway Design Services

We are happy to provide Full Scale Design Drawings for any resin bonded garden or driveway project you may be planning.

Site Visit & Survey – we will meet with you at a mutually convenient time to discuss your initial ideas.

Full Scale Drawing – at this visit a Full Scale Drawing will be completed from which we are able to put down on paper some basic driveway design or garden design ideas and layouts thoughts.

Estimate of costs – at the same time we will be able to provide a brief outline of costs which if too high specifications can be tailored to meet most budgets.

Full Scale Design Drawings – if you are happy with our initial design ideas and costs and wish to use TDS Paving to carry out the agreed resin bonded works, we will then provide a CAD Drawing for your approval prior to works commencing.

Contact us today for a free quote on Resin Bonded Driveways, Patios or Paths. We supply and install Resin Bonded Aggregate in Staines, Windsor, Esher, Guildford, Shepperton, Middlesex, West London, Berkshire and local Surrey areas.