Block Paving

Bring the unique look and feel of cobblestones or interlocking bricks to your driveway with block paving. The wide range of available styles and colours makes this a versatile paving option for driveways, garden paths, patios, and more.

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Pattern Imprinted Concrete

When you want a versatile, low-maintenance paving option for your outdoor surfaces, consider pattern imprinted concrete. This type of paving offers a vast amount of styles and colors to complement your home and create a beautiful looking driveway at a reduced price compared to block paving.

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Driveway Paving

A good driveway is more than a place to park your car. Quality driveway paving is something that will last for a long time through changing weather conditions without cracking, growing weeds, or becoming otherwise defaced. The right driveway also complements the look of your home, enhancing the outdoor appearance in addition to being functional.

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Garden Landscaping

A well-designed garden is a place of beauty and relaxation. The right garden landscaping brings paving, plants, and decorative accents together to create an outdoor area perfect for sitting and enjoying solitude, sipping iced tea on a quiet summer afternoon, or entertaining friends with an evening garden party.

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Natural Stone Paving

Natural stone paving offers you a way to give your driveway, garden, or patio area a unique makeover. A variety of colours and natural materials are available to help you visualize the look you want at a price you can afford.

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Garden Paths

Adding paths is a simple and elegant way to transform your garden area. The professional path building services TDS Paving give you a variety of options including block paving, pattern imprinted concrete, natural paving stones, or paving slabs. Whatever look you envision for your garden, paths bring an extra dimension of beauty to the design.

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Patio Paving

A patio is a wonderful addition to any home. Perfect for enjoying a sunny day, sitting with friends, or sharing a meal outside, patios bring a touch of leisure and give you attractive seating space in a calming outdoor setting. You can make this space the best it can be by choosing patio paving that best suits your home.

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Permeable Paving

When you want a new paving job but are concerned about potential water pooling or runoff, consider permeable paving. This eco-friendly option gives you the durability of a paved surface while allowing rainwater to soak naturally into the ground, thus reducing runoff and the pollutants it can potentially carry.

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Exposed Aggregate

Exposed aggregate concrete is a good choice when you need versatile, durable pavement. Suitable for many applications, this type of paving can be used just about anywhere to give a surface an attractive, functional makeover. The unique look of exposed aggregate can be created in several ways. The chosen aggregate is either applied to a concrete surface, spread over the upper layer of a surface, or integrated directly into the concrete.

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Resin Bonded Aggregate

Gravel has a unique character all its own but can be difficult to maintain, especially in changing weather conditions. Resin bonded aggregate gives you the look of gravel without the headaches and is an easy way to transform your existing driveway into something stylish and attractive.

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Driveway Designs

Updating anything about your home should include careful planning and consideration. The driveway is a prominent feature of your home that not only functions as a place to park, but is also one of the first impressions that visitors get when they arrive at your home. TDS Paving provide some of the best professional driveway design services available in the U.K.

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Driveway Contractors

A new driveway or other outdoor paving project is a big thing to consider. The area surrounding your home is highly visible and is often what gives visitors their first impression of your home as a whole. An attractive driveway with properly paved surfaces can also act as an extension of your home, giving you a place to enjoy during pleasant weather and spend time with family and friends.

Driveway Contractors