Whether you prefer a traditional design or something tailored specifically for social events, garden landscaping services can help make it happen. A garden makeover including decorative paving, paths, and a patio or deck area turns a plain old yard into a lovely outdoor setting you can be proud of. Special accents like stepping stones and lighting brighten the look of garden landscaping and give the design a modern feel.

Basic geometric shapes are a lovely starting point for any garden. Building your outdoor design around rectangles and squares creates a traditional look and gives you space for plants as well as patio or deck seating. Circles, rounded edges, and even hexagons or octagons convey a sense of calm and can be easily integrated with other design elements to achieve exactly the type of garden landscaping you desire.

From initial plans to the final stages of a garden makeover, professional garden landscaping services take the guesswork out of outdoor design. Paving stones, paths, and steps need to be secure as well as attractive. Any structures or accents should complement the overall look of the garden and be able to stand up to changes in weather. And of course plants need to be incorporated in a natural manner that allows them to remain healthy while lending beauty to the area.

When you let garden landscaping services take care of the details, the dreams you have for a perfect yard can be easily realised and executed in a manner that will ensure you can enjoy your new garden for many years.

We are happy to provide Full Scale Design Drawings for any garden landscaping project you may be planning.

Site Visit & Survey – we will meet with you at a mutually convenient time to discuss your initial ideas.

Full Scale Drawing – at this visit a Full Scale Drawing will be completed from which we are able to put down on paper some basic garden landscaping design ideas and layouts.

Estimate of costs – at the same time we will be able to provide a brief outline of costs, which if too high, specifications can be tailored to meet most budgets.

Full Scale Design Drawings – if you are happy with our initial landscaping design ideas and costs and wish to use TDS Paving to carry out the agreed works we will then provide a CAD Drawing for your approval prior to works commencing.