Adding paths is a simple and elegant way to transform your garden area. The professional path building services from TDS Paving give you a variety of options including block paving, pattern imprinted concrete, natural paving stones, or paving slabs. Whatever look you envision for your garden, paths bring an extra dimension of beauty to the design.

Block paving and Pattern Imprinted Concrete create paths with solid appearance and structure. The rugged construction can withstand a high volume of foot traffic while still retaining its beauty. These paving options are perfect for garden pathways, areas around water, or front walks. Natural paving stones give you truly unique design with natural colour variation and many choices when it comes to types of materials. These are good for garden paving and patio or outdoor seating areas.

Paths break up the layout of a outside space or garden while adding an eye-catching outdoor element. Picture the outdoor area that surrounds you home and imagine how much more beautiful it would be with just the right set of pathways running through it. Well-designed paths are both functional an aesthetic, adding visual beauty to your outdoor space in addition to serving as walkways. No matter what your paving material or colour preferences are, you can find a design to realize what you’re envisioning.

Designing and installing paths for your garden can be a lot of work, but our professional services help to guarantee a job well done. Good craftsmanship, quality materials, and a commitment to the job from beginning to end are hallmarks of working with TDS Paving. Letting someone else help with pathway installation or handle the whole thing from beginning to end means less worry. You can feel confident that your new paths will look attractive and that you will be able to enjoy them for many years.

Garden Design Services

Garden Path Design Middlesex

We are happy to provide Full Scale Design Drawings for any garden or driveway paving project you may be planning.

Site Visit & Survey – we will meet with you at a mutually convenient time to discuss your initial ideas.

Full Scale Drawing – at this visit a Full Scale Drawing will be completed from which we are able to put down on paper some basic driveway design or garden design ideas and layouts thoughts.

Estimate of costs – at the same time we will be able to provide a brief outline of costs which if too high specifications can be tailored to meet most budgets.

Full Scale Design Drawings – if you are happy with our initial design ideas and costs and wish to use TDS paving to carry out the agreed works we will then provide a CAD Drawing for your approval prior to works commencing.