When you want a new paving job but are concerned about potential water pooling or run-off, consider permeable paving. This eco-friendly option gives you the durability of a paved surface while allowing rainwater to soak naturally into the ground, thus reducing runoff and the pollutants it can potentially carry.

Using permeable paving for your driveway has many benefits.

Some styles of this paving allow small plants and grass to show through, making vegetation part of the overall design and creating a lovely “green” look.

The inclusion of plants helps to reduce the sometimes uncomfortable heat radiation that can occur with traditional paving on hot days. You can also choose permeable paving that redirects water to your lawn to drain naturally, thus reducing the amount of water that runs off into public sewer systems.

The benefits of permeable paving are especially helpful in gardens. The plants and ornamental shrubs you’ve carefully adorned your garden with need water to stay looking bright and healthy. Choosing a decorative paving option that allows water to soak in rather than run off allows you to have a beautifully-landscaped garden without interrupting the natural movements of water.

Other options available with permeable paving are “rain gardens” or soakaways. A rain garden is a depression designed to collect water run off from other, non porous paved surfaces and allow it to soak naturally into the ground.

Soakaways consist of a special container or trench full of gravel into which excess water is piped to promote natural drainage. Both of these help to reduce excess water runoff from paved areas.

Incorporating permeable paving into the overall look of your driveway and garden makes for a smart, attractive outdoor space that works with the environment. Wherever you choose to use this type of paving, you can feel confident that you’re getting a finished product that is both eye-catching and environmentally-friendly. To find out more about our professional services, please contact TDS Paving today.

In House Design Service

We are happy to provide Full Scale Design Drawings for any garden or driveway paving project you may be planning.

Site Visit & Survey – we will meet with you at a mutually convenient time to discuss your initial ideas.

Full Scale Drawing – at this visit a Full Scale Drawing will be completed from which we are able to put down on paper some basic driveway design or garden design ideas and layouts thoughts.

Estimate of costs – at the same time we will be able to provide a brief outline of costs which if too high specifications can be tailored to meet most budgets.

Full Scale Design Drawings – if you are happy with our initial design ideas and costs and wish to use TDS paving to carry out the agreed works we will then provide a CAD Drawing for your approval prior to works commencing.

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