GeoCeramica® Porcelain Paving

We now use GeoCeramica® to improve our way of installing porcelain tile patios and driveways.

Porcelain paving has been a great success for patios, driveways and paths over the years, but it can be let down by the installation method.

GeoCeramica® porcelain paving tiles give all the benefits of porcelain tiles with minimal maintenance and they're easy to install.

If you wish to hear more about the benefits of GeoCeramica® Porcelain Paving why not download our brochure or get in touch.

GeoCeramica® paving tiles are hard wearing, gorgeous porcelain paving that create a very contemporary style for your patio or driveway. GeoCeramica® offers all the benefits of conventional porcelain paving with it's luxurious look and minimal maintenance, but is also easy to install.

The secret is in the pre-bonded cementitious drainage base, which allows the GeoCeramica® porcelain paving to be installed over a standard type 1 sub base. This specially designed porcelain paving also features spacer nibs that create a 3mm gap perfectly every time.

GeoCeramica® Range Overview

GeoCeramica® Porcelain Paving has the beauty of natural stone plus the benefits of new improved paving technology. This range of Porcelain Paving comprises several options that can be used as Inside Outside Paving which provide a very flexible palette for the designer:

Impasto porcelain paving tiles are available in 40mm (for outside paving) and 10mm (for inside flooring). They look like traditional Belgian Blue Limestone and are available in a light (Impasto Grigio) or darker option (Impasto Noir).

Marmostone porcelain paving tiles are also available as 40mm (for outside paving) and 10mm (for inside flooring). This porcelain paving has the look of natural marble, but no maintenance issues - making Marmostone Porcelain Paving a great choice for garden patios and swimming pool surrounds.

Fiordi porcelain paving is available as 60mm (for driveways); 40mm (for outside paving) and 10mm (for inside flooring). This porcelain paving is slightly textured and is similar to natural sandstone, creating a luxury finish every time.

Bluestone porcelain paving is available as 60mm (for car parks and driveways) and 10mm (for inside flooring). This porcelain paving has an elegant, speckled surface reminiscent of a dark granite. The Bluestone 60mm porcelain paving option is ideal for use on driveways as it is impermeable to the stains often left by vehicle use, meaning you'll be the proud owner of a long lasting luxurious driveway.

Irish Highstone porcelain tiles are available as 40mm (for outside paving) and 10mm (for inside flooring). These robust looking porcelain tiles have a very natural organic pattern.

Mosaik porcelain paving is also available as matching inside and outside flooring tiles in 10mm & 40mm options. Their name describes them beautifully, as they have a modern mosaik pattern. These porcelain tiles look wonderful when mixed with the Fiordi range to create patterned areas within your design.

This is just a small selection of the GeoCeramica® Porcelain Paving Range. Please contact us for further information or a free quote in Bracknell, Ascot, Windsor, Maidenhead, Slough, Richmond, Kingston, Staines, Weybridge, Epsom, Esher, Leatherhead, Woking, Guildford and local areas.

Brett Approved Installer 2017 Awards

Brett Approved Installer 2017 Awards Brett Approved Installer 2017 Awards

GeoCeramica® Porcelain Paving Samples

Bluestone Gris Claro

GeoCeramica® Bluestone Gris Claro Porcelain Paving

Bluestone Noir Puro

GeoCeramica® Bluestone Noir Puro Porcelain Paving

Fiordi Fumo

GeoCeramica® Fiordi Fumo Porcelain Paving

Fiordi Grigio

GeoCeramica® Fiordi Grigio Porcelain Paving

Fiordi Sand

GeoCeramica® Fiordi Sand Porcelain Paving

Impasto Grigio

GeoCeramica® Impasto Grigio Porcelain Paving

Impasto Noir

GeoCeramica® Impasto Noir Porcelain Paving

Marmostone Black

GeoCeramica® Marmostone Black Porcelain Paving

Marmostone Grey

GeoCeramica® Marmostone Grey Porcelain Paving

Marmostone Taupe

GeoCeramica® Marmostone Taupe Porcelain Paving

Irish Highstone Grey

GeoCeramica® Irish Highstone Grey Porcelain Paving

Irish Highstone Dark

GeoCeramica® Irish Highstone Dark Porcelain Paving

Mosaik Grigio

GeoCeramica® Mosaic Grigio Porcelain Paving

Mosaik Grigio

GeoCeramica® Mosaic Sand Porcelain Paving

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